Why Is a Good Basic Worth Its Weight in Gold? 

Well, a good basic is a foundation for any good wardrobe. Like your most reliable friend, a good basic will always make you feel good, it works with every piece in your closet, and when you don’t know what to wear, you always grab for that good basic and wear it with confidence.


So what pieces are classified as a good basic?


We have a few essential wardrobe basics from our Jac + Mooki collection that are must-haves in our closet’s and have now become the building blocks of our customers.


The classic t-shirt


Both white and black are essentials and choose the fit carefully too. We recommend a more fitted cut that still has structure and softness. A t-shirt needs to be able to be tucked in, worn out or knotted if required. The classic Jac + Mooki Cindy Tee has all the flexibility you need while also sporting a signature drop back that gives this basic a little more edge.


The classic denim jean

When picking a classic staple jean, we recommend a high waisted ankle cut length in both blue and black. These two colours will see you through all seasons and can be dressed up and down for almost all occasions.


The classic black silk slip dress

Not biased to size (although some may think not) this piece can be used as an underlayer, an elegant dress or layered with your other good basics through the seasons. In winter, throw on some stockings, an ankle boot and layer with a great knit or in spring, knot up a tee and put on a white trainer. (This is only two of the many outfits you can create with a slip dress).



It’s all about the jacket. A good basic wardrobe is about having minimal pieces that you can wear many times over. It’s hard to pick only two but again, essential, so our choice is first and foremost the classic black blazer and the denim jacket. The black blazer can be worn from day to night, to work or on a casual outing and can be dressed up and down. The denim jacket is your perfect, ‘I don’t know what to wear’ piece. If the weather is a little cooler, then throw a denim jacket over your shoulders for a stylish look. 


The Jac + Mooki denim jacket has always been a best seller of ours. This style of jacket is not biased to any size. The stretch material and signature Jac + Mooki splits on either side means that it creates space across the bottom and stretches across the chest. Go down a size for a more fitted appearance or up a couple of sizes to achieve more of a boyfriend style.


Should I invest in quality basics?


Yes, your good basics are pieces that should last you for years. 


The ‘you get what you pay for’ motto is so true when it comes to clothing. Be sure to select brands that use quality materials that will wash well, time and time again.


 We love working with Australian brands, like Jac + Mooki as we like to support a local business rather than buying offshore. 


Investing in quality t-shirts is also of the utmost importance. You will be wearing them most days so they will need to be able to be thrown in the machine and then worn again and again. With jeans, select a pair that hold their shape and jackets that don’t easily crease. 


Build a good basic wardrobe that you are in love with, and you will enjoy wearing the pieces every day and feel so comfortable in your own skin.


What about adding some seasonal pieces?


Once you have your good basics covered, you can add some seasonal pieces and colours for a little fun. Have fun with fashion but always build your fashion around your quality good basics.


For advice on building your good basic wardrobe, make a private appointment with us at Saintgarde or chat with us online, we will help you clear out your old closet and then start building the new wardrobe that you will love wearing every day. 


To view our Jac + Mooki collect visit our website at saintgarde.co.

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