What’s The Big Deal Over Having a Tank & Denim Jean?

You probably hear and read about the importance of having your staple wardrobe down pat and how easy it can make getting ready each morning so much easier. They said it, and we’ll say it again, it is, in fact, the key to stress-free dressing. But what does this really mean when it comes to looking at your existing wardrobe and how you can make that shift? Here, we’ve broken down why a simple tank top and pair of MOTHER DENIM jeans is the key to kick-starting your essentials wardrobe. 


The Tank Top 

Tank tops come in the forms of ribbed and soft cottons, and although ribbed tank tops can look overall more flattering – they both do the trick. Now, what kind of tank top do you need? Well, anything tonal really – white and black is your best bet. The reason we emphasise the tank top so much is because they can be worn all year round and flatter an outfit for any occasion. Workwear? Perfect with a blazer and trousers, after-hours dinner and drinks? Perfect with heels and MOTHER DENIM jeans, and off-duty? Perfect with sport leggings and a trench. Whether you’re heading on holidays with swimwear and skirts or layering up for the winter climate with MOTHER DENIM – a tank top will always be your go-to top.   

The Denim Jean, Specifically MOTHER DENIM… What’s The Deal? 

Again, this staple can take you through all the months and all the occasions thrown your way. Finding your perfect fit is all the work involved, whether you’re opting for the skinnies or going ultra-chic with the relaxed style. MOTHER DENIM jeans are the ultimate fail-safe go-to, and that is simply why everyone raves about them. You have the ability to wear them to brunch and dinner that same night without hesitation – simply switch out your knitted brunch top with a silk blouse. Not only can you wear them from morning to evening with ease because of their timeless styles, but it’s also because of their world-renowned design technology that has been perfected over the years.   

MOTHER DENIM jeans will stand the test of time, and so will that tank… these two beauties will last you a lifetime of wear and reliability. It’s all about making your wardrobe work for you, making getting ready in the morning – or evening the easiest thing you’ll do that day. That is why everyone thinks a staple wardrobe is so important.  


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