What’s Ahead in Fashion Choices for High Spring/Summer 2021

I know right now all we can think about is keeping warm. We are only just entering into the autumn-winter season after another spectacular Australian Summer. Spring seems miles away, but as quickly as winter comes, it will also suddenly disappear, and spring will once again be here. A smile fills my face from ear to ear when I think about those beautiful spring days and nights, even more, exciting. Whatever though is the fashion, let’s be real when the sun starts to shine, we once again begin to be expressive and creative with our fashion choices for high Spring/Summer 2021.



What can we expect to see in the stores and on the streets for SS20?

Gestuz Collection

Lucky for us in Australia, we get to watch and admire our favourite fashion brands over the other side of the globe experience spring and summer before we do. Our fashion inspiration at Saintgarde very much comes from our Nordic friends and one of our favourite brands, Gestuz. So what can we expect to see from such a fashion-forward brand you ask? Well in true Scandi style this SS20 is all about block staple pastels and nudes while also adding a few fun prints, patterns and textures, classic cuts, core wardrobe staples and a few bold design accents.





What Colours Will Grace the Gestuz High Spring/Summer Collection?


There are so many delicate colours in the fashion choices for high Spring/Summer 2021 to embrace. Our favourites at Saintgarde include baby yellows, lilacs, creams, various shades of tans and browns, classic light denim blues and the staple crisp blacks and whites. All of these are not only refreshing summer shades but classically timeless and perfect for all seasons. That means value for money for years to come and hence living the Saintgarde fashion motto!


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What Cuts Can We Expect to See From This Gestuz Collection?


fashion choices 4You will always see classically Scandi effortless cool from any Gestuz collection, and they are known for shapes that complement any woman’s body.

Cuts that include flattering 3/4 hem lengths, high waisted skirts and shorts with beautiful belt details, stunning lightweight knits with 3/4 sleeve and flattering necklines.

A beautiful wrap will be any girl’s best friend and the well-known Gestuz statement sleeve will heighten any basic look.






What Shoes Can We Expect to See for the Warmer Months of 2021?


As we know, Gestuz has a shoe for every season.

From a classic boot to a slide or heel, the Gestuz colour palette will always err on the versatile end so you can guarantee you will have pairs that transition through the ever-changing trends seamlessly.

This spring-summer 2021 is no different.

You will be excited to see the classic dark brown/black slides in both flat, and kitten heel versions and a lot of styling will see their winter boots return – let’s be real, a boot is perfect for autumn through spring and can completely take a look from day into night.



The Scandinavian style is all about effortless class and comfort; we call it statement simplicity! Gestuz is one of the most dynamic leaders in Scandi fashion trends and releases the most amazing collections year in year out. These fashion choices are quality and considered, and all have their unique flair. To check out more of our Gestuz collection, visit us at saintgarde.co and follow us on Instagram at @saintgardestore for upcoming collections and preorder opportunity.

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