The Scandi Fashion Trend

Scandi fashionScandinavian design in all its forms has always been respected and talked about and Scandi style has especially taken the fashion world by storm over the last few years.

Its effortless and simplistic style is a statement within itself. Less is more. Consideration is essential, and style is unique.

When I hear the word Scandi or Scandinavia, it creates a picture in our heads of women luxuriously dressed in an effortless way. A Scandi lady is confident in her style and loves to mix and match all her wardrobe pieces to bring together a range of looks that blend colours and prints in a fun and creative way while looking fun and being comfortable.



Scandi style and one of its top fashion brands Samsoe Samsoe

The idea behind the Scandi look is that it’s a down to earth, ready to wear style where everything pretty much goes with everything, sporty or elegant, new or old, masculine or feminine and you don’t need to be a fashionista to put pieces together. You can play with high-quality fabrics and textures using a neutral muted colour pallet as the base. Shades of cream and beige but also bold black and navy, then add stylish accessories and subtle details that create authentic Scandi casual chic. We can see this in our latest Samsoe Samsoe collection which includes pastel checks, oversized shirts and dresses, matching sets, pleated skirts, knits to layer with and statement shoes. All different prints and textures that can clash with so much style.


Does Scandi fashion wear much black?

Of course, the Scandinavian style is often built around dark tones like navy, charcoal or dark brown, with black as the base. The colour black is ideal for reflecting the ease, comfort, and minimalism associated with Scandinavians. Samsoe Samsoe has worked with this black blank canvas ideally in this seasons Kora skirt and Kora shirt. This checked print has brought this outfit from mundane to statement. This outfit also looks impressive with a bold black opaque stocking and a black turtleneck underneath.


Layering up in Scandi Fashion

When layering with fashion, the key is to start simple, with figure-hugging pieces that shape your silhouette. Mix old fashion pieces with the new on-trend styles and sporty elements with elegant ones. Take your looks from work to play by adding colour accents or fun accessories like jewellery, belts, bags and scarfs.


The Scandi fashion and Saintgarde top five wardrobe staples

With simplicity and coziness in mind, Saintgarde and Scandinavian style are very in tune. Below are the five staples you’ll most likely find in every Saintgarde and Scandi fashionista’s wardrobe.

1. The classic plain tee

Most importantly, this piece is versatile and cozy. There are infinite possibilities to style this item, and it will help your layering skills stand out. The plain t-shirt is the perfect base layer for various outfits.



2. The simple classic shirt

Whether looking for a more casual personal style or an elegant one, it is always recommended to have a classic white shirt in your closet. This timeless piece goes with everything and can be used as a base layer or worn over a tee or a long sleeve top or turtleneck.



3. The black leather jacket

Fashion savvy or not, a leather jacket is a highly functional garment to have in your staple wardrobe. Apart from the warmth it provides, a great leather jacket will style up any outfit. Available in various styles our current seasonal favourites are the classic fitted biker and Samsoe Samsoe’s oversized Welter jacket with its relaxed silhouette and chunky metal zips which give it a tougher edge.



4.  An overcoat

A stylish overcoat is essential to your core wardrobe. As aesthetics play an essential role in the lives of Scandinavians opting for stylish overcoats to layer over chunky Knitwear.




5.  A tote bag

This bag style pretty much goes with everything and Samsoe Samsoe just rocks these looks. It’s the go-to bag for whenever you’re trying for a comfortable and minimalist, yet still sophisticated look.




Why Saintgarde loves its latest Samsoe Samsoe collection

Samsoe Samsoe so cleverly pairs the function of its fashion with elegance and edginess. This carefully selected collection includes a range of pieces that add bold and pastel colours that are fun to layer with, and most can be worn through all of the Australian seasons in one way or another. Whether it might be a blouse under a cardigan, a t-shirt under a dress, or a sweater under a trench coat. We have had so much fun layering this latest Samsoe collection simply with black opaques and a clog or boot. As the weather warms up, you will see us bring out the same pieces sans some of these extra layers.


Wear Samsoe Samsoe’s latest Knitwear for warmth with our Saintgarde staple dresses

You’ll see lots of Knitwear in Scandinavian clothes. It’s soft and comfortable and looks great worn with a vest, dresses and skirts. Knits can create different shapes in outfits, for example, a tighter waistband will cinch in a dress or go for a baggy piece that softens your look and works perfectly when teamed with our favourite slips dresses and skirts.


Finally, the statement boot……

Scandi style Samsoe Samsoe's Myral boot

We have found the boot of the season in Samsoe Samsoe’s Myral boot. Do you die…..? well, we did!!! The classic of the black and white colour means that it will work with pretty much anything and the loose fit means they will look just as good in winter as they do in summer. Nailed Samsoe!!!! my wardrobe and feet thank you.

So, from everything, you have ready, and, there is so much to say about the coolest fashionista’s in the world, you too can dress effortlessly, its firstly just about being more comfortable in your skin. The critical tip is not to be scared to play with different colours and textures, strive for comfort and class, create a wardrobe of quality pieces that have expression as well as those essential staples that you can layer with and wear time and time again. Focus on colours that are not only seasonal and pieces that have a timeless elegance. There is so much inspiration online, so this is always a great place to start. Otherwise, Saintgarde is here to help. Feel free to visit our store or contact us to help you start building your wardrobe the Scandi way. Check out our latest Samsoe Samsoe collection for some inspiration at

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