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Nap Lovers by Pour L’air, the most fantastic gift for yourself or someone loved in your life.


THE NOTES. Sensually mild notes of a black fig tree, dirt and sun-warmed cotton sheets.


THE STORY. An open window. A gentle breeze bringing wafts of a fig tree intoxicating with its slightly rotting roots nourishing its surroundings. Crisp white linen just pulled off the clothesline. Muffled noise from distant happenings and a slow, peaceful drift in and out of conscious. Grounding roots. Clean linen. Black fig. her body wandering, not her mind. Drifting. Drifting. She left that moment. Yet for years later she would close her eyes and remember, relive. It was a moment of renewing. 


THE PURPOSE. Nap lovers is designed to put you in a place where you are in that half-awake phase called hypnagogia. Where you feel the calmness and goodness of nature, of someone that cares and has taken the time to create a space for you just to be. It’s to give you a moment.


THE CHARACTER. Gentle, rhythmic and sensual with a bright afterthought. Slight sour settles into the cotton wrinkled from her weight and the sun that earlier dried them. Cosy, fresh calm.


The best way to use your Pour l’air candle


Light the candle while you are being read the story, close your eyes and let your mind wander while the divine scent fills your space. 



About my candle


Handmade in LA

9oz soy blend

Burns 60 hours

Premium grade fragrance 

The scent will linger even when not lit

Cotton wick for a clean burn


Packaged in a white box inspired by an elegant yet raw man in a classic white t-shirt, strong and sensual. 



About Pour l’air


The art, I loved you today of the Pour l’air candle range is referencing their overall purpose, to help you find moments of inspiration and lightness in every day. Both the candles vessel and the box have been designed for you to keep. For your stories, notes or mementoes – to reuse with pieces you loved about a day. The creative director of this stunning brand, Jocelyn fortier develops scent and stories to see moments that ignite inspiration and ideas. They are room fragrances that enhance every day, using scent to get your mind where it needs to be, out of your head and into your dreams. Each candle, its fragrance and story are designed with the purpose to have the power to affect your mind and moods. They are intended to be an experience, to move your mind to hear your heart, to soothe and make the mind wander. Pour l’airs purpose is to inspire. To create a sense of joyous light that helps you to see moments in the everyday. To follow your dreams and path, daydream into the story being told and listen to your heart, knowing at that moment that you are safe and all is ok. 




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