So why has the Veja white trainer been given so much attention of late?

Veja 1The classic white trainer.. this shoe connects young and old, professionals and socialites, style-obsessed and the conservative. The styles and brand offerings available are extensive. Whether it be a simple white style or a blinged up pair with all the studs and glitter, you can guarantee there will be the perfect white trainer to suit almost every outfit. First launched to stardom in 2011 by Céline’s Phoebe Philo wearing it on the catwalk. Finally, women were almost given the go-ahead to start embracing this new comfortable shoe and saying goodbye to always wearing a heel or staple black boot.



Veja is the hottest trainer brand on the market today!


The market is saturated with unique and different shoe brands. What about an attractive shoe from a company that not only creates but also considers the ethical and environmental impact of its entire process?

Veja has become the most talked-about shoe brand globally over the last few years and is still rapidly growing in demand. The classic Veja ‘V’ was noticed on Meghan Markle during their tour of Sydney in 2018. However, looks is not the first reason to fall in love with this white trainer, the story behind the brand is far more essential and the reason behind Meghan embracing this shoe.

Veja is a French company with its shoes made in Brazil. Every single stage this super stylish shoe goes through has been considered and designed to positively affect every human being and the environment along the way. Everything is planned from the sourcing of materials and manufacturing. Even the way they are transported by logistic companies all over the world. Their story is in-depth and inspiring, and one we recommend you know more about – it will make you want to own a pair of Veja’s even more.

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What can you wear with the Veja classic white trainer?


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Veja 5



Anything is the answer!

From your skinny staple jean to your favourite slip dress, skirt or short, the classic Veja white trainer adds a relaxed style when paired with any piece. For the stylish man, wear this trainer with a suit and air the grace of effortless cool.

Both men and women can play around with on-trend and classic looks with this simple shoe. Wear throughout all season!

And ladies, no longer do you have to fight with painful and tired feet. This white trainer is now the accepted shoe across the fashion and corporate world of style.



So is this Veja shoe just a fad or is it here to stay?


We’ll let your feet decide on that one! In the fashion realm, though, classics are always timeless. White and black will always be here to stay. However, don’t be scared to play with some high fashion colours for a little bit of spice in your wardrobe.



Does Veja bring out new collections often?

Veja is constantly releasing vibrant colours and styles as well as keeping the classics available at all times. View some of the most popular styles from their current range. As always, keep an eye on new collections, visit Saintgarde at and follow us on Instagram at saintgardestore.


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