Is the Mum Jean a Fashion Trend or a Staple Wardrobe Piece?

We’re excited to say that the ‘mum jean‘ has been reinvented and nailed! Mother denim has brought back this old 80’s classic and finally made it hip. Younger women are now embracing this comfortable style once only seen on “mums”. Since high waisted is now cool, and relaxed is the new skinny, we are seeing variations of this easy to wear jean popping up in a wide range of cuts and colours.


How should the Mother Denim ‘mum jean’ fit?

Our Mother Denim jean is designed to sit high on the waist and be a little roomier through the hips, tapering to the ankle without being too tight. Classically the denim has less stretch than a regular skinny jean. This heavier denim can be more figure-flattering as it’s known to be able to hide some unwanted lumps and bumps on the skin. Finally, the relaxed fit around the hips means that this style of jean should not flatten the bum instead giving some nice shape to those ladies with a smaller, flatter bottom.


What shoes look best with your Mother mum jean?

Pretty much any shoe will work with this classic jean. Flats, trainers, pumps, ankle boots, even heels. A fitted ankle boot sits perfectly inside the looser Mother denim leg. It can also be rolled up the cuff and worn with a flat loafer. Classically seen with a white leather Veja trainer or dress like Victoria Beckham in her staple stiletto heel, changing your shoe will take this comfortable jean from day into night.


Is there only one style of mum jean on the market?

Is there ever only one style of anything anymore? Mother Denim holds on to its core, staple ‘mum jean’ cuts and then every season they will introduce a seasonal fun style. Our favourite style at the moment is the button fly dazzler with a slightly shorter ankle length. This pair sits at the perfect waist height, slightly above the belly button, gives great shape to the bum, and is cut at the perfect ankle length. The exciting thing about having options for such a comfortable staple jean is that you can guarantee there is a style that is perfect for your shape and more importantly, comfort.


We know that every year there will always be new denim fashion trends, be it a crazy cut or even colour. The thing about a trend is that it’s not here forever and therefore should not be something to invest too much money into. Thankfully, the ‘mum jean’ is no fashion trend, it’s now a wardrobe staple and one that is here to stay. With all of the boxes ticked for style and there is no doubt about Mother Denim’s comfort, you will enjoy wearing your mum jean for years to come.


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