How to Select the Perfect Pair of Jeans

How to select the perfect pair of jeans

With the array of available jeans, it can be quite daunting thinking about where to start and who is best to give you advice on what style and colour will be the perfect fit for your shape.


What should my first step be?


Online is an excellent place to start, with all the available information. Let’s be real, we all have different body shapes, and there is not just one jean that suits most. Start by researching the jeans styles that you like and see if you can view them worn on people of all shapes and sizes. 


Selecting a great pair of jeans is all about what is comfortable on your body and wearing something that you feel good in. This is why we fell in love with the Rollas brand. Rollas consider comfort and style in all of their fits and create jeans that are designed to be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.


Is it best to try a wide range of styles?

Yes, we are all culprits for sticking with what we know, even when it comes to our jeans. Open yourself up to the opportunity to try something new. The keyword is ‘try’, you need to feel jeans on your body and see how they fit your shape. Everything looks different in the picture!


Once you find a style that feels comfortable and nicely shapes your figure, you can continue to buy this cut through the seasons and change up the colour. Can’t stand wearing jeans that needs to be pulled up every time you sit down?


You’ll get excited like we did when we tried on the Rolla’s high-waisted Eastcoast skinny; we just couldn’t believe how comfortable the materials are and how secure we felt moving around doing everyday bits and pieces. When you find a pair like this, you can really start enjoying wearing jeans again.


What is the best style to start building a staple wardrobe with?


When selecting the easiest to wear jeans, we always tend to go for a classic skinny in a blue and a black. These will be the first essential pieces to start building your staple wardrobe. Be it mid or high-waisted it depends on what you feel comfortable wearing. The best thing about the skinny jean is that it looks great dressed up or dressed down.


We also recommend choosing an ankle cut length as it eliminates any unnecessary gathering around the ankle, especially if you may be slightly vertically challenged. An ankle cut length is perfect for all seasons and works with any outfit choice.


What styles are out there on the market?


Styles are endless, and every season brings new collections and high fashion cuts, but there are always the staples that will never let you down. Waistlines are on the rise (some higher than the belly button, literally, hence our love for the Rolla’s Eastcoast skinny) and legs are getting roomier.


Our “mom” jean is back in full swing, welcome Rolla’s Duster Jean, and you can finally brush off the cobwebs from the 501 of your youth because guess what, they are back too! Everything – almost, from a slight boot-cut to a ’70s wide-leg is fair game.



The classic straight leg jeans is the workhorse of your collection. Select well, and this will be your favourite wardrobe staple.



A wide-leg or a flare jean cut is perfect for women who want to slim down their legs and hips. This style looks very flattering when worn super long, almost to the floor and with a chunky heel.



This is the staple cut for any woman and wardrobe. A cut that looks amazing on any age group and makes the wearer feel amazing. There are so many high rise styles that have been released that are just not high enough, any jean that you need to keep hitching up when you bend down or sit down is not a high rise.


Some brands will advertise their styles as super high, and we think this is the perfect one above all others, check out our Rollas Eastcoast Ankle cut. The ideal high rise sits just above the belly button and hugs the smallest part of your waist.


To view the selection of our favourite style Rolla’s Jean and other denim brands, visit us at


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